Getting Started

Assessment is the process of identifying and untangling the factors affecting our clients’ functional autonomy and quality of life. Miriam conducts an initial assessment which will establish a basis for recommendations and care planning. We practice a bio-psycho-social approach, addressing the complexity of each person’s abilities and challenges and the influence of their present environment, in order to develop a working understanding.  Whether for a brief consultation about a specific problem, or for an ongoing commitment, the initial assessment will review relevant information about:  

  • The client’s overall ability to care for themselves or others in the present living environment
  • Conditions in the environment that influence the client’s safety and ability to function effectively
  • The client’s perception of their quality of life, and factors that enhance or undermine satisfaction
  • The client’s financial condition and availability of financial and legal guidance
  • Involvement of family and friends
  • Eligibility for public assistance

Once an initial care plan is established, assessment is ongoing, identifying changes in the client’s needs and making adjustments to the original plan.