"The difficult is done at once, the impossible takes a little longer."
—Seabee Memorial, Washington D.C., Author Unknown

Adult Care Solutions Services


The process of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client's abilities, needs and resources, prior to advisory or care planning activities.


For clients, caregivers, and involved professionals, relative to their unique questions about handling issues of health, independence and aging.


To help with decision making and planning Miriam engages with the client and family to clarify their needs, wants, and expectations.


Miriam provides a strong and knowledgeable voice to help clients achieve the best possible response from health, legal and social services.


Functioning as an independent advisor to help the client, family, and involved professionals to better understand and deal with a problem or situation.


Helping identify useful or necessary resources to accomplish the client and family's goals, and, with permission, creating a bridge by providing appropriate background or setting appointments.

Crisis Intervention

Immediate and intensive involvement to help manage an emergency situation.

Care Management

A long term or short term responsibility for carrying out the care plan, monitoring the well being of the client through regular personal contact, and making adjustments in the plan with respect to the client's changing needs.


Identifying, explaining, and accessing sources of financial, legal, health and care giving help for which the client qualifies.

Home Care

Interfacing with home care agencies, providing caregiver support and coordination of services for the client who lives at home.


If it has been determined that the client’s needs cannot be best met at home, Miriam can help families find short or long term assisted living or skilled nursing facility placements and manage the transition, if desired.

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